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Card-fi-copy is an application that allows you to copy pictures and videos from a

Transcend Wi-FI SD or
Toshiba FlashAir Card

over your local network to your PC. The files will not transmitted over a server in the Internet.

The transfer will take place only in your local network. All you need is the Wi-Fi SD card, a functioning Wi-Fi network, a Windows or Mac PC and Card-Fi-Copy.

Functions at a glance:

Card-Fi-Copy V1.1

  • Automatic copying of images, videos, etc..
  • Image preview for JPEG images with automatic
    Rotate the images (portrait / landscape)
  • Creating subfolders (such as year/month/day or source directory),
    depending on the file creation date
  • Recognize the IP address of Wi-Fi SD Card on the network
  • Read the source directories on the SD card
  • Recursive scan in the source folder
  • Copy new records or at intervals
  • Automatic reconnect and download after disconnect
  • Automatic start of the software with Windows
  • File filter (JPEG / movies / misc.)

You can order the software here. A Demo version is also available.

Picture gallery Windows version:

Picture gallery Mac OS X version: