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Card-Fi-Copy 1.1 (Windows) (Code: PC000347)

9,90 €
Copy your files simple and easy from an WLAN SD-Card (Transcend or Toshiba) on your PC over the local network.

With Card-Fi-Copy you can simple and easy copy pictures, videos and other files from a

Transcend Wi-Fi SD-Card or
Toshiba FlashAir

WIFI Card to your local PC.

All files will be transmitted over your local network. No internet connection needed!

All you need is a working Wifi network, a Wifi Card (Transcend or Toshiba) and Card-Fi-Copy installed on your Windows PC.

Functions at a glance:

  • Automatic copying of images, videos, etc..
  • Image preview for JPEG images with automatic
    Rotate the images (portrait / landscape)
  • Creating subfolders (such as year/month/day or source directory),
    depending on the file creation date
  • Recognize the IP address of Wi-Fi SD map on the network
  • Read the source directories on the SD card
  • Recursive scan in the source folder
  • Copy new records or at intervals
  • Automatic start of the software with Windows
  • File filter (JPEG / movies / misc.)

Picture gallery:

Operation system
Windows Vista / 7 / 8.x
Intel/AMD min. 1 GHz (Windows)
min. 2 GB
Free HDD
ca. 2MB for the software
graphics Card
no spezial requirements
compatible Wi-Fi SD Card
As known and testet
Transcend Wi-Fi SD TS[xx]GWSDHC10 FW 1.9/2.1/2.3, Toshiba FlashAir (W-01/W-02/W-03)
Supported languages
German, English
Available payment methods
PayPal, Invoice
Card-Fi-Copy V1.1B53 Win.DEMO
-Einst. werden nicht gespeichert/settings will not be saved
-nur JPG Bilder werden kopiert/only JPG will be copied
-JPG werden auf 800x600 skaliert/JPG scaled to 800x600
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